Friday, September 16, 2011


Schools been rough, you'll have to bear with me through the rest of the semester as I probably won't have much time for knitting, or posting, or even sleeping...

If you read Lily, you know that last weekend I whipped up a little scarf for a buddy of ours.

But, what I most wanted to share with you, was this.

unattended Dogs and Alpaca Lace?

They don't play well together See the little white stringy stuff? No? Click to embiggen if you must...

Thats my alpaca lace...I'm off to destress via the detangle.


  1. Wow, a whole scarf on one weekend! You are a fast knitter. :)

    Ouch, and I really don´t like to see the other picture (no way I am clicking to enlarge! - You shouldn´t feed your phobia ;P)... Hope you could fix it.

    And all the best for the rest of your semester! Who knows, maybe you´ll be knitting more than you think right now.

    Jana :o)

  2. Oh no! Aimee has an alpaca fixation as well! That's unfortunate...

  3. Yeah, I can totally relate as I have one dog that ran off with my socks on the needles. And I noticed that they ignored all the toys they had to play with your "toys!." Hope you got everything untangled!