Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Wishes

My dearest little brother-

(okay so you aren't very little anymore. as proven by the pair of socks I have knit for your size 15 feet, but you'll always be my little, so just get over it.)


I hope you have a marvelous day, welcome to 18. You have lots to look forward to!

I want you to know that I love you very much, even when you're being a total patoot, and I hope you enjoyed playing with miss aimee dog for your birthday. We give to you, on this day of bloggy goodness, this picture:

The next time high school gets you down, just remember, you could be somewhere worse....

And you're almost done!!!

I wish I could still reach your head to give you a noogie. And that you could still vacuum in my cinderella high heels. I know that was the only way you were tall enough to work it right. As someone who is now short, I totally get it.

PS- I'm sorry for all those times I beaded your hair. You're right, you're pretty without beads too. :-p


  1. Happy Birthday to Sam! Did anyone force feed him waffles today?

  2. I always wanted a little brother. Is it as much fun as it looks? Happy birthday to yours!