Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wandery Wander Wander

I don't have a whole lot exciting to say today....so I'll just share some randoms.

I have lots of birthdays coming up in September for which to knit. (both siblings and some friends) I have gotten a leeetel bit obsessed with teensy things, so I went out and bought me a copy of MochiMochi (thats the website, not the book, but you can search for MochiMochi on amazon and it pulls right up) and I'm visualizing a whole herd of tiny cupcakes, zombies, airplanes...etc etc etc. I might be blind soon.

I'm also having a leetel Monster Chunk party, as in I've already got about 800 planned, but I've only whipped up 1 (well, all but the butt of one, but his little googly eyes are drying).

(his feet are elsewhence)

I started a noro stripe scarf in not noro. (lion brand) methinks I might have to make another in more contrasty colors.

I also started my mom's alpaca scarf. It's squishy and lovely and I want to snuggle it...which is probably why I'm not making more progress than I have. It's the Irish Hiking Scarf Pattern, and its actually surprisingly simple to memorize.

I am now off to suffer through some Advanced Advanced Engineering Math homework. And perhaps take some advil for my lovely sprained ankle....

PS- I just found a fortune from a fortune cookie on the floor, guess what it says?
"Mental activity keeps you busy at this time"
How true...


  1. Wow, those are a lot of projects! I hope you manage to finish everything in time and there´ll be lots of happy birthday childs next month! (And how can you not enjoy a handmade present?)



  2. Nice projects you have going! Can't wait to see your mochi mochi peeps!

  3. The little monster chunks are super cute! I'm sorry you're going blind from the MochiMochis, but I'm sure they're adorable as well.

  4. I love the little monster and your mom's scarf! The mochimochis would probably make me go blind...