Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just a day

Lily has a blarg!


It has not taken off much yet, but I promise you will not be sorry if you hop over and get to know her.

Also, I've realized I need to get back on Christmas knitting....But I can't decide what to work on, so I'm ignoring it by working on some socks.

No pictures today, le sad. Things get busy when school gets ready to start (TUESDAY, EW!) and you have to clean your house.

Anyone knitting on anything fun? Have you all started your holiday crafting?


  1. I started my holiday crafting. Only because one of the groups on Ravelry has a contest entering you in to win yarny goodness for each project you finish till the end of August. Otherwise...I would not be doing a darn thing!

  2. I was gonna start holiday crafting... and then I didn't. Maybe that can be my next project, after the infinite number of chunky scarves I've bought yarn for... it's not my fault that the colors were so eye-catching!