Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Daily Butt(s)

I promised, and I shall now show you, CUPCAKE BUM!

Well, cupcake bottoms....

As a small, teensy tinsy, eeety bitty, warning to you all:

Before you get sucked in by the cuteness, and the desire to make some of these little boogers, you will be guaranteed to swear, have sore fingers, go cross eyed, want to throw things across the room, and give up more than once only to be right back at it 5 minutes later.

Don't deviate too much "below" recommended gauge.

That being said, in the book it suggests US size 1 needles, I used size 00000 (thats 1 mm)...

and embroidery floss. If you decide to go this route, BE SMART, use a spindle/stick/your fingers/a small child spinning to tighten up the weave on that crap or you will be in splitsville right quick...and it's not a pretty picture if that happens....

Now that you're all turned off (ahahaha, yeah right) of teeny tiny knitting, I give you....


This is just funny because it looks like a bum when you smoosh them together....

Pencil for scale, in case the ruler didn't help you much.

Annnnd finally, this is how tall they are, without any other little smudging/perspective things.

Now...to work up the nerve to make some cupcake tops.


  1. They are the tiniest knits I have ever seen! Now I can´t wait for the topping!

  2. Hahaha, those are really cute! Fortunately, I'm not crazy enough to own needles that small. And I'm more of a fan of crochet amis... : )

  3. Thank you for the daily butt. It is much appreciated.

    Any chance you do any test or sample knitting? PM or email me.