Sunday, June 10, 2012

What blogger, where?

I apologize, my darlingest dear doodly readers, for the gaping silence that has been residing in this part of the blarg0sphere. This semester was, in a couple words, le crap. Le crap that involved a lot of 3-4 nights in a row being awake working on homework. Soh! I am back now, and promise to do a better job. :)

Fun knitting related things you've missed out on:
1)new spinning wheel
2) new loom!
3) sheeps in a bag!
4) job at a yarn store
5) Estes wool festival! SQUEEE

I will update you on these in later posteses.

For now, I give you my newest trial in evil:

A wedding shawl for my friend Amanda. It's from the Crown Prince Square Shawl (link here).

Right now, I have completed 3 ows. of the center.

I havent done a whole lot on it, and I've been sucked in by some lucious Camel-Silk fiber that I got at wool market yesterday, and eeep! Help me get motivated for nupps peoples!


  1. Well you know Bivs, and I imagine that wedding Bivs would not be pleased with slacking?

  2. 3 ows? What the eff are ows?

    Also, I believe that you are capable of nupps. I really do. Get to work, woman!

  3. ows are rows for people who dont type so good. :-p

  4. Yowza, is that gorgeous! I cheat and use a crochet hook for nupps. I think I blogged about it.

    Sounds like you're having a good summer!